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Land Hunts

Our Recommended Land Hunts


Bone Valley Fossil Farm

Bone Valley Fossil Farm presents the unique and safe opportunity to find gorgeous fossilized shark teeth as well as other ice age fossils directly from the soil.  This is a reputable and legal land hunt whereas most land hunting in Florida can actually get you in trouble.  Your chances of finding the famous bone valley Megalodon tooth is very high.

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As an avid fossil hunter, and one who enjoys the danger associated with independent diving, I suggest this type of hunt for those who want to skip the danger but have the results.  Especially those with kids!

(personal experience below)

Our Hunt with BVFF

My family and I joined Bone Valley Fossil Farm for a hunt in 2022, my kids haven't stopped talking about it, and my wife who doesn't consider fossil hunting a passion or even a hobby, still wants to go back!

Video of our trip to Bone Valley Fossil Farm

Click the above link to go along with us as we took on this experience for the 1st time!


Gravel Packs

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