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Dive Charters

Our Recommended Dive Charters
none of these charters will limit bottom-time unless unique circumstances arise

Fossil Junkies

Fossil Junkies runs 26.6 foot Sea Fox sporting quiet twin 150 HP engines.  They run a 3 tank trip, and limit the boat to a 6 diver maximum.  Boat captains, John & Carrie Kreatsoulas, are both U.S. Coast Guard License Captains.

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You may recognize Carrie and especially John from several of my videos where we often hunted together before they invested in their dream of becoming both Captains and River Guides


Black Gold Fossil Charters

Black Gold Fossil Charters runs their own 24 foot Sailfish Center Console with a custom dive ladder for easier onboarding.  They run a 3 tank trip, but limit the boat to just 4 divers for a comfortable more personal trip although larger parties could be accommodated on a custom trip.  Boat captain, Michael Nastasio, is a U.S. Coast Guard License Captain.

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To date, my largest Megalodon tooth and many of my other favorite discoveries (Dire Wolf, Mammoth Teeth) have been found on this charter.

Aquanutz Scuba Diving Charters

Aquanutz Scuba Diving Charters runs a 26 foot World Catamaran holding 6 customers and 2 Licensed Captains, Michael Konecnik & Blair Morrow.  Typical 3 tank, but they do offer specialized 2 tank trips a couple times a month as well.  Aside from consistently landing on fertile fossil beds, Aquanutz customers sight the friendships built and the free SNACKS.

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This is the boat IHDT started on, and so many of my favorite times and finds have been on this Aquanutz.  On my last trip I came home with a flawless 5 inch Megalodon tooth.  Absolutely FLAWLESS


Top 2 Bottom Charters

Top 2 Bottom Charters runs BOTH 2 tank and 3 tank trips consistently on their 32 foot Boston Whaler Outrage holding up to 6 divers.  If a bathroom is important to you, Top 2 Bottom's got one!  

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Though we haven't personally been customers of Top 2 Bottom, they belong on this list.  They literally come recommended by the 2 charters listed above.  Not to mention they have been on some of the most productive grounds for Megalodon teeth as of late.  When we get caught up, we will surely make a video with Top 2 Bottom.

Arista-Kat Charters

Fossil charter running now for 14 yrs!  Capt. Jamie has been a Venice resident for 54 yrs. With 2 boats Arista-Kat has some of the highest odds of getting you scheduled anytime weather permits. They are available 24/7 to contact with your questions.

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Arista-Kat runs 2 Catamaran boats with custom dive ladders installed, 6 divers each boat for a total of 12 spots!

I have not yet personally hunted with Arista-Kat, but the charter constantly receives great reviews on social media from their customers.


Venice Dive Charter

Venice Dive Charter runs a 35’ ex-military Ultraflight. Our boat is the only Coast Guard Certified vessel for fossil/shark tooth hunting in Venice. We offer 2 or 3 tank charters and take a maximum of 8 divers. Even with 8 divers, our boat is big enough that you won’t be tripping over your neighbors.

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We also have a generous size dive platform with wide, open sided ladder for easier boat access. Our crew is constantly searching for new and plentiful dive sites on their off days. After your charter, come by our shop Venice Dive Center, conveniently located 1/2 mile North of the boat, and we will be happy to stamp your dive log. You can also hang out and chat with the crew. Rental gear is available, but is not included with the charter. Water and snacks are provided.

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